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Welcome to Teche Valley Seafood.  We offer the very best in Louisiana live crawfish and crawfish products shipped directly to your home or business making it convenient and easy for you to send or receive it.  We can offer you the best price and quality for Louisiana crawfish on the internet because we are the direct crawfish farmers.  There is no middleman.  Our reputation has been established through years of friendly service, best price and exceptional quality products.

      Our goal is to satisfy our customers with a quality product, fresh from the crawfish ponds daily.  The ponds are managed and maintained for clean quality crawfish.  We catch, grade, wash, and pack our crawfish directly in our facilities with exceptional care.  We offer graded, wholesale, and mixed live crawfish with superior quality.  In addition, we also offer wide variety of quality crawfish products like peeled crawfish, whole boiled crawfish, and crawfish puree'. 

      The crawfish puree' is a minced, cooked crawfish meat.  It is great for stuffing, casseroles, boudin, jambalaya, etc. (see recipes).  You will find our standards of quality will surpass most in our industry and because of this, your enjoyment of crawfish will be both delectable and satisfying.



Louisiana Crawfish Cake, made
with Teche Valley crawfish puree'.
Sold at your local Winn Dixie.
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