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Crawfish Appetizers Balls

4 oz. crawfish puree
1/8 onion chopped fine
1/8 bell pepper chopped fine
2 tble. sour cream
1 1/2 tble. brown rice flour
Salt and pepper to taste
5 tble. seasoned breadcrumbs
Egg and milk mixture
Flour and cornmeal for coating

In medium bowl pour crawfish puree, add onions and bell pepper mix.  Add sour cream blend well with fork.  Add rice flour blend.  Add salt and pepper mix, add breadcrumbs mix well.  Roll in balls.  Heat oil on medium to high heat.  Dip balls in egg and milk batter.  Dip in flour.  Deep fry until light to golden brown. 

Also great stuffed if mushrooms just add parmesan cheese or even Italian cheese to mixture.  Mix in to mixture and stuff in mushrooms.  Great deep fried or even baked.


Louisiana Crawfish Cake, made
with Teche Valley crawfish puree'.
Sold at your local Winn Dixie.
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